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What to choose - a website or a landing page?

You can find many different types of sites on the internet. All of them are developed for specific purposes and tasks.

If the main task of a web resource is sales, you should not post a lot of unnecessary information on it. The most successful option, in this case, would be a one-page landing page. But this does not mean that all commercial projects should be placed on landing pages

What to choose - a website or a landing page?

What is a website?

A website is a series of logically related pages. They are united by a common domain name and are loaded using the HTTP / HTTPS protocol.

The site can consist of one page, but most modern resources have several pages and work on special platforms (CMS). Web resource management platforms help those who are not HTML savvy to manage sites.

If you do not need special knowledge to manage a web resource, then it is better to entrust its development to professionals. Only a team of specialists can guarantee a high-quality creation of a site that will be on the first pages in search engine results. And PINE Software Design can help!

Structure and basic elements of a business card site.

The main task in website development is to create a simple resource structure and intuitive navigation. The structure of most modern sites is characterized by the following elements:

  • menu - the main sections of the site,

  • breadcrumbs are part of the site navigation,

  • catalog of goods or services - standard for regular sites,

  • sidebar - an additional block for placing information and navigation elements,

  • content - a block with information for which the user came to the site (text, video, audio),

  • the window for displaying comments,

  • footer - part of the site used to post additional information, navigation elements, and contact information.

All the main parts of the web resource elements include links, images, feedback forms, comments, etc.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a one-page web resource designed for the commercial purposes of selling goods or services. On such a page, basic information about the product is presented, and all the necessary functionality has been added to be able to purchase it.

A landing page is called a landing page. This means that the user gets exactly on it and the same page performs targeted actions (order, record, purchase, etc.).

The structure and main elements of the landing page.

Like all types of sites, the landing page has a specific structure:

  • menu - navigation within one page,

  • content - a demonstration of a product or service,

  • section with reviews,

  • forms with calls to targeted action,

  • footer with contact details.

Additional elements of the landing page are price blocks, virtual calculators, online chats, etc.

How a landing page differs from a website?

The main differences between a landing page are the presence of only one page and exclusively commercial development goals. A business card site can have many different purposes, incl. for the sale of goods or services.

The main task of the landing page is to entice the user to take the targeted action. Such one-page pages are created for marketing campaigns or for redirecting to another site.


If your main goal is to sell a product or service, or to register for a webinar in a short period of time, it is better to give preference to a landing page.

The user will see only the most important information and calls to place an order or record on such a site. These types of sites are also suitable for startups.

If you have your brand, a target audience is defined and there is a range of goods or services and you want users to be able not only to get acquainted with them but also with the possibility of ordering or any other types of interaction, then it is better to give preference to a business card site or corporate website, in this case, it will be the best option.

To get a high-quality selling Internet resource, order the development of responsive sites at PINE Software Design. We specialize in the development of websites of all types and optimize them for the target audience. You can find many different types of sites on the internet. All of them are developed for specific purposes and tasks.

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